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Our Team

Building upon and drawing from a team of 51 professionals, AIM will provide our partners with the expertise you need when you need it, maximizing our resources to accomplish your goals. AIM will dedicate a team to consistently serve your membership and to build a rapport with your leadership and volunteers. AIM provides nearly every specialty in-house, with our partners benefiting from the shared services provided by our meeting planners, exhibits managers, accountants, webmasters, programmers, graphic designers, creative production specialists, and more.

Rosibel Alvarenga

Managing Partner, Senior Membership Manager

Jordan Ballance

Program Manager

Maureen Bayley, CMP

Senior Meetings and Exhibits Manager

Heidi Breeden, CMP

Managing Partner, Meetings and Exhibits Director

Donna Breskin

Managing Partner, HR Director

April Brewer, CAE

Senior Program Manager

Heather Carskaddan

Executive Director

Chris Cerniglia

Creative Specialist

Alexander Chacko

Web Programmer and IT Specialist

Karen Cook

Exhibits Coordinator

Krystle Correll

Executive Director

Jim Dailey

Registration Manager

Carina Danso

Project Coordinator

Betty J. Eidemiller, PhD

Managing Partner, Education Director

Christopher Eskridge

Web Specialist

Jessica Fasanella, CMP

Meetings Manager

Anne Fentress

Membership Coordinator

Veronica Fisher

Managing Partner, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer

Carol Freysinger, CAE

Executive Director

Rachel Frohberg, CAE

Executive Director, Database Manager

Allison Hansard

Senior Communications Coordinator

Jacquelyn Harris, CMP

Meetings Manager

Jenna Hartsell

Education Manager

Virginia Hawkins

Editorial Manager

Laura Helm, CMP, CEM

Senior Exhibits Manager

Becca Isakower

Managing Partner, Program Manager

Ed Jennings

Accountant, Office Manager

Liz Kasabian

Exhibits and Corporate Support Manager

Colleen Kelley-Vaquerano

Creative Specialist, Senior Production Manager

Rily Ketelhut

Project Coordinator

Catherine Lamoureux

Senior Project Coordinator

Fang-Mei Liu

Creative Department Director

Giuliana Macaluso

Editorial Specialist

Martha Malone, CAE

Deputy Director

Tonia M. Masson

Managing Partner, Chief Operations Officer, Executive Director

Laura McCroddan, CPA


Kevin Merritt

Executive Director, Program Manager

Tierre Miller

Deputy Director, Webinar Manager, Program Manager

Kenny Mitchell

Creative Specialist

Tonja Morrow

Exhibits and Promotions Manager

Deborah O’Keefe, MS

Managing Partner, President, Chief Executive Officer

Matt Price

Executive Director

Sandra Renderos

Digital Media Coordinator

Nancy Rollman

Executive Director

David Rossé

Program Manager

Karla Sanchez, MS

Director of Web Development and Information Technology

Kaliah Stanley

Project Coordinator

Elisa Turner

Deputy Director

Wendy Wallace

Administrative Coordinator

Michelle Werts

Communications Director

Emily Wigginton

Project Coordinator

Amy Willis, CMP

Senior Meetings and Exhibits Manager

Rachel Woodson

Senior Project Coordinator

Jessie Yuhaniak

Component Group Specialist