The Toxicology Forum

The Toxicology Forum


The vision of The Toxicology Forum is to be recognized as the leading international toxicology organization that promotes and encourages open dialogue among government agencies, industry, academia, policymakers, and public interest groups concerned with public health issues; such interactions will facilitate sound policy decisions that protect and promote public health.


The mission of The Toxicology Forum is to encourage open dialogue on human health and environmental issues that drive public concerns, academic involvement, industry action, and regulatory decision making. This is accomplished through organizing and conducting meetings among government granting and regulatory agencies, the scientific community (academia, government, and industry), and public interest groups. The dialogue at these meetings facilitates the resolution of conflicts, identifies research gaps, drives research agendas, and promotes sound regulatory and policy decision making. The proceedings from meetings of The Toxicology Forum are made publicly available. The Tox Forum always strives to provide balanced programs, does not advocate for any particular scientific or policy position discussed during our meetings, and does not attempt to reach consensus from the discussions and presentations. The Toxicology Forum encourages participation in our forums from scientific and policy experts in government, industry, academia, and consumer interest groups and we provide the necessary infrastructure support to accomplish this mission.